Floorman Textured Concrete.

A process called Bush Hammering utilising specialised tooling from PeterFell is used to add texture to the concrete surface. This creates an even non-slip texture and enhances the concrete's appearance.  Because it’s an integral part of the concrete, the texture will last, ensuring your surface remains safe and slip-free for generations.

The PeterFell Texture Safe System offers a range of slip resistant options. All of these meet the AS/NZS 3661.1 1993 “Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces” standards.
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3 different texture options

A Fine, Medium and Coarse surface can be achieved using different tooling on the machines

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Non Slip
The Texture Safe System allows you to create a safer, non-slip concrete surface for virtually any environment, from residential pool surrounds to public spaces with high foot traffic.
Residential drives and paths
Texture Safe isn’t an applied anti-slip application – it’s a permanent texture created to the concrete’s surface. 
Application include:
Access Routes
Concrete ramps and inclines
Swimming pool surrounds
Remedial resurfacing
Removing existing concrete surfaces
Cow Sheds

New and old concrete
This system can be applied to new or existing old concrete that may need non-slip, refurbishing or a decorative new look 

Texture commercial spaces

Texture Safe is the ideal way to add texture to hardwearing floors (20 – 60 MPA concrete) where machinery such as forklifts regularly operate.

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